Forex trading has become increasingly popular recently, with a lot of people going into it thinking they will come out the other side mega rich, but they soon find out it is a lot harder than first anticipated. That is because most traders start off thinking it is an easy get rich quick scheme. The… Read More

I can only apologise that there hasn’t been an update sooner than today. It’s been a very busy month and I have only just got round to writing this up. But although the articles haven’t been coming, the profit certainly has. A massive 31.3% gain on the account since my last update. As mentioned in… Read More

After almost a month since my last update, not much has happened with this challenge except 1 thing, profit. Trading this small amount of money was always going to be difficult, so I knew I had to be patient. Getting carried away very quickly would have simply driven the account down to £0. Trading ROI… Read More

One of the best feelings for a trader is when your hard work and analysis works out exactly as you expected and you are greatly rewarded for it. Many beginners tend to think trading takes 1 second as that is all it takes to click the button to open the trade. But they forget about… Read More

After good news to report in the last article of ‘500 to 10,000’ there isn’t much to report this time round other than the NZDUSD trade which was open, hit its stop loss which gave me a -106.5 pip (-£53.25) loss, which brought the account down to £572.13. Since then 2 trades have been opened… Read More

Moving averages are one of the most popular technical indicators which traders on all financial markets use. There are many types of moving averages which are used when trading the financial markets but the most commonly used ones are the Simple Moving Average (SMA)and the Exponential Moving Average (EMA). These are used to determine upward… Read More

After a struggle in the first week of this challenge, I finally got the ball rolling in the right direction this week. The GBPAUD trade which was open from last week turned around and gave us a profit of 192.6 pips (£96.30)! This brought the account balance well into profit after last week’s loss. Analysis… Read More

The road to success is rarely straightforward, last week was no exception. After 3 trades (2 still running) my account balance is down to £489.86 (-2.02%). It’s not too bad but it’s not the start I was hoping for. AUDCHF Before I started with a pretty solid trade shorting the AUDCHF pair. Risking 50p per… Read More

In an age where money can be the answer to a lot of your problems, finding a way to turn £500 into £10,000 can be the beginning of a healthy financial road. The figures do seem a little sceptical but with the right attitude, patience and discipline it is very possible. All over the internet,… Read More